Our vision, mission & strategic plan


The Head Strong Foundation aspires to enlighten regional and remote communities of Australia to create a mentally healthier world.


Our mission is to increase the accessibility to mental health resources in regional and remote communities through like-minded organisations with a common aim to…



As an organisation, our paramount objective is to provide mental health resources to regional and remote communities of Australia through the facilitation of mental health workshops, initiative projects and counselling services.

Our strategic goals

The story of the Head Strong Foundation started with a passion to help others, with an integral plan to serve the community – through the coordination, facilitation and implementation of resources to assist community groups, sporting teams, businesses and individuals alike.

We aim to be leaders in promoting positive Mental Health & Well-being for communities in regional and remote areas of Australia.

In 2023 we aim to Facilitate Impact

  • $40,000 in workshops and courses
  • 6000 people to undertake mental health courses with at least 3000 youth and students
  • $10,000 for mental health training; 10 people to undertake mental health training with at least 5 school teachers

Our services

  • Implementation of Mental Health workshops to help educate members of local communities
  • Assist in community intiatives, projects and disaster relief
  • Support families and individuals through counselling services
  • Funding for mental health training for community members

Reach – To be accessible to those in need
Support – To be a reliable source when it matters
Educate – to be proactive in our approach to Mental Health

Our process is to identify the need of the individual or group, outline a plan to facilitate the best possible resource, coordinate with our network of NFP organisations, fund and implement the resource.

2023 Objectives

  • Build on the external network of like-minded NFP organisations with specialised and targeted Mental health resources
  • Continue improving our ability to implement mental health courses and workshops
  • Grow our internal network of trained mental health professionals
  • Establish strong corporate and government support
  • Implement fundraiser events to increase brand awareness

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